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Computer Based Tutorials
With our Computer Based Authoring Programs you can create professional quality interactive multimedia Computer Based Tutorials, Computer Based Tests, Computer Based Quizzes, and Electronic Books to share your knowledge, experience and skills with others.

Designed by an Educational Psychologist, the Computer Based Authoring Programs are fully menu-driven and easy to use. No computer programming knowledge is required. If you can "Press any key" you have all the skills you need.

SlimSoft enables you to work with fully interactive computer based tutorials. When questions are asked, the tutorial can branch to different teaching information depending on the answer given.

You have complete control over the tutorial presentation. Graphics, Voice, Video and Music files can be controlled by you in your tutorial and colors and presentation screens can be custom designed to make the tutorial your unique program.

Prime locations

Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Cummercial Business.


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