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Virtual Reality: is an emerging technology that produces an "environment that is indistinguishable from reality" in which the user can experience a place or an environment without actually traveling there. Virtual Reality provides direct sensory input affecting most senses: sound, sight and touch.

Kiosk: We are proud to tell that we are providing Kiosk solution with Virtual Reality. Like videos and books, kiosks are communications tools. But kiosks' interactivity and multimedia capabilities provide functionality that goes well beyond the static capabilities of other media. The key attraction of the information kiosk model is that it allows a wide range of users to meet their information needs in a timely fashion, regardless of their educational background or previous computing experience. A principal focus of information kiosks would therefore be to meet the needs of the individuals who have been disenfranchised from the digital revolution.

Kiosk Benefits:Web-enabling software transforms an existing Web site into a public-access kiosk application. Organizations that choose to make their Web sites kiosk-accessible enjoy significant savings in development costs because they need make only minor modifications—such as replacing browser controls with touch-activated control panels and buttons—to their existing application.
Web-enabled kiosks can connect directly to the Internet; they also can be accessed from a local disk. In local mode, customer data, forms, and e-mail are "faked" to disk files for later retrieval.

The term "Virtual Reality" is broadly used and widely interpreted. On the internet, Virtual Reality is generally interpreted as artificial spaces that can be navigated in three dimensions and "feels" real. You don't need special glasses, but rather special computer applications which allow the online data to be viewed in 3D.

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