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Our Roots

          SlimSoft is an IT division of SlimSoft group of companies which has legacy of more than 50 years presence in global market, SlimSoft has emerged today as a global player, offering superior quality IT services. Our mercurial rise from rather humble beginnings has been achieved by continuously surpassing customer expectations through service that is rooted in our commitment to quality and performance.

Our Infrastructure

          SlimSoft is headquartered in Chennai, India where we have development centers. We also have a strong International presence, with offices in Brunei, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
          We are committed to training developers in the latest software technology and domain skills and have a well-equipped training facility for this very purpose.                                                      

Our Strength

          SlimSofts strength has always been our PEOPLE and their unity of purpose. Our people are our wealth.
          With our focus on corporate culture, SlimSoft has created in the workplace has attracted the brightest and best software professionals in the country. It is inevitable therefore, that our team is comprised of individuals, who are highly skilled developers, each with expertise in their respective technologies. They are powered by their commitment to our value ambition, flexibility and hard work.
          We value our people and believe in building long-term relationships with them, thus managing our valuable human resources.

SlimSoft GIS

          We have a GIS division at SlimSoft systems. This branch of SlimSoft focuses on providing service for Government and Non-Government Institutions. We are fully equipped to provide this service as we have experienced professionals specially trained and skilled in Interoperability to meet the requirements of these clients.

Core Competencies

          We have had a presence in the IT services area for various Industries and through our work with international clients globally, we have acquired and developed skills, experience and competency in various areas.

          SlimSoft will continue to focus on IT services by enhancing our business experience and providing the best and most effective solutions.
 We Focus on
 Banking Transaction
 System Integration
 Asset Management
 Workflow Management
 Inventory Management
 Security and GIS

          Driven and motivated by our mission, We believe that SlimSoft will continue to provide the best solutions that address your specific, unique needs for many years to come.

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